Bhagwandas Bherumal &  Co., Mumbai, a proprietary concern, owned by Mr. Bhagwandas B. Ramchandani, entered into the export of farm fresh fruits and vegetables, right from 1979.
Starting with a modest turnover of just Rs. 75 Lakhs in 1979, Bhagwandas Bherumal & Co. has crossed many milestones on its way to progress and prosperity. It has faced stiff competition from giants in this field, coupled with hardship to get adequate space with the airlines. On its journey to success it has gradually surpassed all Indian exporters and has become a company to reckon with. Today it stands as the largest exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables from Indian having a current turnover of Rs. 700 Million (US $ 11 Million).

Ever since 1994, Bhagwandas Bherumal & Co., currently a Govt. recognized export house, is continuously bagging the prestigious Apeda Trophy for its exceptional export performance year after year. Apart from these it has got global recognition and approval for its proven quality of the merchandise backed by dedicated cutomer services. As a result it has successful entered new market horizons of North America, Europe.

Setting out to obtain an export target of Rs. 800 Million (US $ 14 Million) in the coming years, Bhagwandas Bherumal & Co., has now ventured into the arena of exports of onions and coconuts. To measure up to International standards, the packaging technology is constantly being upgraded and new concepts and designs introduced time and again.
Plans for an exclusive pack house with cold storage facilities, refrigerated vans and the technical knowhow for the required infrastructure to increase the shelf life of the products exported, are in the pipeline. In the true meaning of being global, BBC has now entered the field of import market for acquiring a variety of fruits from all over the world to cater to the developing demand for imported fruits in India.
As you might be aware the Indian subcontinent is known for its extensive range of fruits and vegetables. The climate here is conducive for their organic production, which preserves natural flavour and nutritional value.

Since 1979, Bhagwandas Bherumal & Co. (Now, " Super fresh fruits Pvt. Ltd.,"  has won several Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development (apeda) awards. We also export onion, rice, pickles, pulses, spices and eggs.

To measure up to International standards, our packaging division conforms with different units of measure prevailing at various countries around the world. Plans for an exclusive pack house with cold storage facilities and refrigerated vans; besides the technical know-how for infrastructure to increase the shelf life of the products exported are in the pipeline.
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