As you might be aware the Indian subcontinent is known for its extensive range of fruits and vegetables. The climate here is conducive for their organic production, which preserves natural flavour and nutritional value.

Super Fresh Fruits Private Limited's Managing Director B B Ramchandani started up in the year 1979 with Bhagwandas Bherumal & Co. which has won several Apeda export award(s). We also export onion, rice, pickles, pulses, spices and eggs.

To measure up to International standards, our packaging division conforms with different units of measure prevailing at various countries around the world. Plans for an exclusive pack house with cold storage facilities and refrigerated vans; besides the technical know-how for infrastructure to increase the shelf life of the products exported are in the pipeline.

Super Fresh Fruits Private Limited also imports a variety of fruits from around the world to meet the emerging local demand for imported fruits in India. We make fruits and vegetables accessible.
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